Hester College

The mission of the Murray State Residential College System is to provide engaging living-learning communities for the Murray State resident and commuter students. This is helped by the participation of faculty and professional staff. We promote student retention by providing living-learning communities which foster student involvement, competition, leadership development, and service... all while encouraging an appreciation for diversity and individual differences. In essence, we are building community through Diversity, Retention, Involvement, Leadership, and Learning.

Through activity participation, students get to work with faculty and administrators to help shape social and academic programming. We support philanthropic and volunteer programs that put students in contact with the community beyond the University. We commit to nurturing the development of self-sufficient, responsible freshmen so they may have a successful college experience ending with graduation.

At Hester College, we take pride in our community, sports, and academic achievements. We strive to make our residents, commuters, and faculty members feel welcomed. We commit to our members' growth by providing a safe and enjoyable environment. Community is very important because, together, we can stand victorious.

Hester prides itself on the achievements of its students. In the past, Hester has earned both the academic flag, for having the highest average cumulative GPA among the residential colleges, and the All Sports Trophy. Hester has also been home to the prestigious President's Cups for Academics and Athletics. It has also proven successful in the annual quick recall tournaments, debate tournaments, and SAI's All-Campus Sing. Hester also has contributions of approximately 100 faculty and staff members of the college. Many have advised organizations, attended dinners with students, presented programs, and participated in social events.

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Crest, Mascot and Colors

In the Fall of 1996, Hester College joined the other seven Residential Colleges. Hester, formerly known as Cleo G. Hester College, was named after Cleo G. Hester who served many years as registrar at Murray State.

The Coat of Arms emblazoned on Hester's shield combines traditional elements of heraldry with 20th century concepts of design. The main devices are from the coat of arms of the Hester family, as described in Burke's General Armory, and the Murray State shield Jennifer Wise, Hester College's 1996 Homecoming Queen, created the design. Three swans are the main image of the Hester coat of arms and are the central focus of the shield. In the literature of heraldry, the swan is a symbol of excellence. Another featured device is the set of three stars. The stars on the Murray State shield represent hope, endeavoring, and achievement.

The colors selected by students in the college also have significance. In traditional heraldry, a coat of arms should include the metals gold and/or silver. Among the values suggested are understanding, respect, virtue, and majesty. Blue was a favorite color of Mrs. Hester, according to her son Robert, and has traditionally indicated fidelity. Green is often used to suggest freedom, beauty, joy, health, and hope.

The background design uses contemporary interpretations of traditional lines. Close observers will notice an arrangement suggesting sun, sea, and earth. Hester College's mascot is the Hedgehog.

Traditions and Annual Events

  • Phoenix Day
  • Monster Bash, a college-wide costume party near Halloween
  • Hedgehog Day, each Feb. 2
  • Annual Spring Luau
  • Signing of the Hester Rock by graduating seniors
  • Intramural Sports
  • Academic Team
  • Honor Society
  • Speech and Debate Society
  • All Campus Sing
  • Shamrock Shakes
  • SAI's All-Campus Sing
  • RAH Banquet

Hester Highlights is a newsletter published every other week by Hester College students.

The Residence Hall

Hester College is self-governing. The executive board and council alternate Monday night meeting times to set policy and plan activities for the college of approximately 308 residents. Many activities function through the standing Programming, Public Relations, Service, and Social committees.

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For more information about Hester College student life and its governing council, please visit the Residential College Council's Hester web page.

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