Accommodations and Services

The Office of Student Disability Services is required to offer accommodations to students based on their disability. Please see our list of Accommodations below. Students must request the reasonable accommodations they need each semester. Requests can be made through an interactive process between the student and an SDS staff member.

The Office of Student Disability Services also has Enhanced Services, called Project Pass, which students can choose to participate. By signing up for Project Pass (enhanced services), students are required to use all the services. Please see below for more information about Project Pass.

SDS Accommodations

Testing Accommodation

The SDS Office provides a quiet, distraction-free testing environment. Testing in our office also allows students to have extended time for exams. The following are guidelines to help everyone understand their part in the SDS Office testing procedure.

Scheduled exams are to be taken in our office at the same time as the class exam unless there is a conflict with the student's schedule. When a schedule conflict occurs, an arrangement will be worked out between the student and the professor in advance. This can be found on the accommodation sheet the professor signs, and an alternate time will be listed if needed. The professor can discuss this with the office if they prefer a certain time.

The Responsibilities of the Students:

  • It is the responsibility of each student to notify the professor if they typically take exams in the SDS Office. The student will present the professor with an accommodation form to sign to notify the professor that they are using this service.
  • The student will schedule all exams with our office. They can call, email, or leave a voicemail in order to schedule exams.  We ask that students give us two days' notice so we can notify the professor that we need a copy of the exam.

The Responsibilities of the SDS Office:

Once a test has been scheduled by the student, the testing center supervisor will email the professor to notify him/her that we need a copy of the exam.

Exams can be delivered:

  • Via the professor
  • Emailed to
  • Faxed to the office at 809-4339
  • The exam is sealed and locked in a filing cabinet until the time of the test.
  • We do not copy any exams without the instructor's permission.
  • A student worker will return the completed exam to the professor or designated person as soon as possible.
  • Some students need a reader during their exam. All readers are staff members or graduate students. Undergraduate student workers are not allowed to read exams to our students nor do they work in the testing center.
  • If you have more than one student taking the same exam, they will not be allowed to sit near each other.

The Responsibilities of the Professor:

  • If you give pop quizzes, please notify us so we can make some type of arrangements.
  • We assume that all tests are closed book, closed note exams. If you allow open book, open note exams, please let us know.

Final Exams

During finals week we proctor approximately 600 exams. We try to schedule these exams at least a week in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly during that hectic time. We appreciate your patience, cooperation, and assistance during this time.

The SDS Office Policy on Cheating. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. If we suspect a student of cheating, we will gather up all notes and testing materials and return everything to you to take the appropriate action.


Apply for housing accommodations by visiting our Forms page.


Apply for parking accommodations by visiting our Forms page.


Please make an appointment with a staff member. Students will need to discuss the type of accommodation they have used before: interpreter, FM system, C-Print captioning are a few examples.

Note Taker

If a student is new to the office, documentation must be provided supporting this accommodation. A meeting should be arranged with the office to discuss the process. If a student has provided documentation that supports a note taker, they are responsible for notifying the office each semester of which class or classes they need a note taker for and the office will send the necessary materials to the professor.


Please make an appointment with a staff member to discuss classroom accommodations.

Voter Registration

Voter registration information and forms are available for individuals with disabilities at the Office of Student Disability Services, 423 Wells Hall, Murray KY 42071. Individuals with disabilities can receive assistance with completion of these forms upon request.

Voter registration is also available online for the Commonwealth of Kentucky at:

And National voter registration information can be found at:

SDS Services

Project Pass - Program for Achieving Student Success

This program provides a more comprehensive level of support for incoming freshmen or new transfer students. In addition to necessary accommodations; PROJECT PASS includes the following areas of support:

Extra Help during Summer Orientation – (No additional fee). Student Disability Services staff members are available to help with the selection of courses.

Smooth Move Into College – (Fee is approximately $150.00). Incoming SDS freshmen will be allowed to move into their Murray State residential college three full days before the rest of the incoming freshmen. This extra time allows for a more leisurely move in and then provides two days of study skills workshops to ensure a more successful transition to college. (Vocational Rehabilitation may pay this fee).

Specialized Classes – (No additional fee).

  • English 105 – Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry (fall semester-freshman year). Two sections of this four-credit class are reserved for SDS students. The SDS study skills teacher collaborates with the English professor to maximize success for qualified students. (Minimum English ACT score of 18).
  • New Student Orientation (fall semester-freshman year). This one-credit course is designed to assist SDS students with the development of necessary skills for a successful first semester in college. Career guidance activities will also be included in this class.
  • College Study Skills (spring semester-freshman year). This one-credit course is designed to assist SDS students with instruction in improving their study skills. Emphasis is placed on transferring learned information to a specific course.
  • Advanced Reading and Study Skills Improvement (fall semester-sophomore year). This one-credit course is a continuation of college study skills. It is designed to be taken in conjunction with CIV 201.

Project Mentor

Students can request 1-6 hours a week of mentoring. Students receive individualized assistance with learning effective strategies for organizing and studying course-related assignments. This work may include any of the following: content tutoring, organization/time management skills, writing skills and test-taking strategies.

A minimum of two hours per week is recommended for the first three semesters at Murray State University.

  • 2 hours a week= 450 a semester
  • 3 hours a week= 675 a semester
  • 4 hours a week= 900 a semester
  • 5 hours a week= 1125 a semester
  • 6 hours a week= 1350 a semester

(Kentucky Vocational Rehabilitation will pay this fee for eligible students.)

Students who voluntarily access the PROJECT PASS program must use all available support services for the required three semesters.