TRiO Student Support Services (SSS)

What is Student Support Services (SSS)?

Student Support Services (SSS) a federally funded program that provides services to students from the first-generation and limited income backgrounds as well as students with disabilities. The program offers several services that inspire, challenge and empower students to persist and graduate from Murray State University. All services by SSS are FREE to qualified students.


Selection for participation in  the Murray State University Student Support Services (SSS) program is based on students meeting at least one of the following federal requirements:

  • First-generation college student
  • Meet federal low-income guidelines
  • Have a documented disability

Students should also:

  • have an academic need
  • be either a freshman, sophomore or transfer student  

Our Motto

Start here, go anywhere.

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MeLissa CooperMeLissa Cooper is currently the Director for Student Support Services & TRiO at Murray State University. She previously held positions on the Murray State University campus in Sponsored Programs, University Libraries, and Mathematics & Statistics. MeLissa received her Bachelor of Integrated Studies and master's degree in Human Development & Leadership at Murray State University. She has been at Murray State University since April of 2002. 


Mary Jo WallaceMary Jo Wallace currently serves as Advising Specialist for Student Support Services at Murray State University. She has previously held positions in the Services for Students with Learning Disabilities program, Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search at Murray State. Ms. Wallace graduated from Murray State with an undergraduate degree in English Education in 1987. In 1991, she earned her graduate degree in Organizational Communication. She has worked at Murray State University since 1991.

 Kathleen Weatherspoon  Kathleen Weatherspoon is currently serving as Resource Specialist.  She graduated from        Murray State University with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) with an emphasis in               Social Work.  She is now pursuing a Graduate Degree in Human Development in Leadership.
Kimberly Johnson Kimberly Johnson is the Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services. Originally     from Louisville, she moved here two years ago and worked in Talent Search and Educational   Opportunity Center before moving over to Student Support Services.  She is working on her   Associate's Degree at WKCTCS.
Dorothy Boyle Dorothy Boyle currently works as the Graduate Assistant and Tutor Coordinator for the   program.  She is working on her Graduate Degree in Post Secondary Education at Murray   State University. Please email for tutoring needs.


Student Workers

Eric Beaven
Eric earned an Associate's Degree through Owensboro Community and Technical College. He is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Leadership Studies here at Murray State University. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Murray State University Student Support Services is to use a holistic approach to creating an inclusive environment that provides quality academic, career and personal support services. Our hope is to strengthen our student's self-efficacy, resilience and sense of belonging during their campus journey towards graduation.


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