Murray State University has become a home away from home for thousands of students since it’s foundation in 1922. While Murray is known for its academics, we offer more than just a top-notch education. Take a look at what life will be like as you become a part of our community.

Murray is the friendliest small town in America

Murray is recognized as the “Friendliest Small Town in America” according to the USA Today Newspaper.

Murray is a safe community for students.

The National Safety Council recognized Murray as a community committed to the safety of its citizens and students.

International Student Organizations

A great way to plug yourself into the campus community is by joining any of the 200 Student Organizations offered at Murray State. Student Organizations fall under 11 categories; Departmental, Environmental, Greek, Honor Societies, Open, Political, Professional, Religious, Residential, Service, and Sports/Recreation Organizations. Whether you want to get involved in protecting the environment, volunteering, developing your leadership skills, or making lifelong connections in a sorority or fraternity, we have a club for you.

International Student Organization
The International Student Organization (ISO) is a very active student organization on Murray State University campus, composed of international students from many different countries, interested in learning about other cultures. Program Goals and Purpose: (1) ISO brings students from all countries together to share their cultural, educational, and ethnic backgrounds with one another while at the same time acting as a support network. (2) ISO contributes to the internationalization of our campus by collaborating with many different organizations and student government to bring global awareness activities to the students, faculty, staff, and the community as a vehicle for promoting international understanding.
Indian Student Association
The Indian Student Association hosts many events on campus to promote Indian culture, food and celebrations.
Murray Korean Student Association
The purpose of the Murray Korean Student Association is to (1) assist new and prospective Korean students to become acquainted with available resources at Murray State University and in the Murray, Kentucky area including housing, driver license, and bank account; (2) establish and maintain a network of the Korean community (e.g., students, staff, and faculty) to provide social gatherings, services, and information resources as needed; and (3) to encourage Korean students’ involvement and participation in a variety of events that are organized by Murray State University.
Chinese Student Association
The Chinese Student Association is especially set up for Chinese students and people who like Chinese culture at Murray State University.

African Student Association
The African Student Association teaches students from across the globe about foods, traditions and cultures in Africa. To learn more, contact:
Belize Student Organization
The Belize Student Organization is an organization created by Belizeans to raise awareness of the culture and life of Belize. True Belizean Experience!

International Student Events

During the International Bazaar, Murray State students from all over the world set up tables to present their cultures to K-12 students from across Western Kentucky. This is a great opportunity for Murray State students to teach others about where they are from!
During Multicultural Night, the international students at Murray State University take over the cafeteria. They cook different kinds of food from their countries to serve to other students, who learn about several countries and the foods that people like to eat around the world.
Every April since 1958, students, faculty, staff and local residents come to the lawn in front of Lovett Auditorium for the All Campus Sing. Groups of students choreograph and perform brief musical numbers on Lovett’s steps, with prizes handed out to the top performers in the categories of residential colleges, student organizations, fraternities, sororities and independent clubs. International student organizations often participate in this event, and you can see them singing and dancing on youtube!
Since 1989, students set up nearly 50 tents on the east side of the track at Roy Steward Stadium. The tents represent a multitude of Murray State groups, including International organizations and clubs. The organizations use Tent City as a chance to meet alumni, introduce cultural activities, sell international foods and provide entertainment for homecoming spectators.

Academic and Career Support Services

The libraries are excellent places to study. You can check out books, CDs, etc, and visit the Starbooks Coffee Shop!
Several departments on campus offer tutoring to students who need extra help. Ask the library to learn more!
Racer Writing Center
Do you need help with a paper? Stop by the Racer Writing Center in the Waterfield Library!
Career Services
This provides a variety of opportunities and assistance in all aspects of career development and the job search.

Dining Options

is the largest venue on campus, hosts several buffet options and changes menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night meals. Winslow offers vegetarian and halal options.
is a coffee shop selling Starbucks to sleepy students throughout the day. There are two on campus: one in the Curris Center and one in the lobby of Hart College, a Residential College.
operates through Winslow and will deliver a variety of options anywhere on campus.
is a small coffee and snack shop in the library. Grab a coffee and some food and go study!
is a snack shop in the Business Building. Grab a snack before class!
is our very own food truck!
is the student center on campus. The T’Room is the main venue within the Curris Center and it offers a short order grill, salad bar, pizza station, deli, and more. Also visit the newest dining service to Murray State, Market 22. Next to Dunker’s Deli is a coffee shop selling Starbucks coffee that is known as the Thoroughbrewed Café.
Midnight Breakfast is another fun night in Winslow. It takes place every semester during finals week. Since students stay up late studying, faculty and staff stay up late as well and reward the students a late night breakfast. Seeing your favorite teachers in hair nets can make all the late hours worthwhile.
International students host International Night at Winslow! Share your favorite dish from home with students and faculty. You can also participate in the performances that take place throughout the night. Students file in for a taste of World culture.

Housing Options

On Campus Housing

Wondering where you are going to live? Students at the university take up residence in one of our 8 Residential Colleges. The price is different depending on which residential college you live in. Check out the different options and rates here. This is a great option for students who want to live close to their classes, and each residence hall hosts many fun activities that will help you get to know other students!

houses approximately 298 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 314 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 534 residents. It includes a computer lab, Thoroughbrew Cafe, a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 308 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 380 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 268 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
is an all-female dormitory. It houses approximately 298 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 388 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
houses approximately 180 residents. It includes a kitchenette, TV lounge, recreational rooms and laundry rooms.
are on campus housing for graduate students, married students and non-traditional students. Both one-bedroom and two-bedroom options are available.

Off Campus Housing

Undergraduate upperclassmen (3rd and 4th year) and graduate students can also live off-campus. There are many apartments that are walking-distance from campus. Other apartments are accessible using local busses or bicycles.

Some of these options include all of the furniture, but most of them would require you to buy your own furniture.

Many of these apartments will also require you to sign a one-year lease. This means that even if you are not living in the apartment for a full, 12-month year, you will have to pay the monthly rent.

Residence Options:

Furnished Apartments:

These apartments come with all of the furniture you will need inside, and all of the utilities (electric, gas, water, etc.) are included in rent.

Apartment Agencies:

You can buy a list of residences from the Chamber of Commerce website, join the Facebook group "For Rent in Murray Kentucky" or you can reach out to one of these rental agencies to see what is available. These residences will not include furniture, and you will have to call to set up your utilities (electric, gas, water, etc.). You will have to pay for your utilities and your rent each month.

Instructions for Moving in

1. Signing Your Lease

When you move into your residence, you will have to sign a lease. Make sure you read your lease! It will tell you how long you have to pay for your residence, what you are allowed to do in your residence and what is covered in your rent.

Sometimes your lease will limit the number of people who are allowed to stay with you. If you plan to live with friends, make sure your landlord (the person who owns your residence) knows who will be staying with you. If your family will visit you, make sure it is okay to have overnight visitors--some leases tell you how many people can visit your residence.

A lease will also tell you what is covered in your rent. Sometimes your rent includes utilities like water, electric, gas and internet, but often, it doesn't. Rent also usually does not include furniture, so your new residence will be empty. If you rent doesn't include these things, you will have to set them up yourself!

If you are living with friends, make sure every person living in the residence with you also signs the lease. Otherwise, you would have to pay all of the rent if your friend moved out! Every person living in a residence MUST sign the lease.

One Year Lease
Most residences require a one year lease. This means that you must agree to pay for one year (12 months). If you sign a one year lease, you MUST pay rent for one year, even if you move out of the residence.
Six Month Lease
Sometimes, a 6 month lease is possible. This means that you will sign a lease agreeing to pay rent for 6 months. If you sign this lease, you MUST pay rent for 6 months, even if you move out of the residence.
Month to Month Lease
Occasionally, residences will allow a month to month lease. For this, you have to pay for your residence every month that you live there. These leases are rare and usually more expensive.

2. Utilities

Most residences use electric power. If your lease does not include electric, you will have to call the company to set it up. Otherwise, the power in your residence may be turned off. After you set this up, you will pay monthly for the electric you use.
Some residences use gas for the heat and stove. If your residence uses gas, you must call the gas company. When you do this, you may have to pay a deposit for the gas. You should get some of this deposit back when you move out.
Most leases do not include internet. There are several ways to set up internet at your home. The best way is to sign up for wireless internet. For this, you may have to buy or rent a router, then you will have to pay a monthly fee.
Sometimes, your lease will not include water, so you may need to set it up and pay monthly.
Sometimes, your lease will not include sewage, so you will need to pay monthly.
Sometimes, your lease will not include trash pick up, so you will have to pay monthly.

Health and Wellness

If you feel sick, visit to Health Services in Wells Hall. You can see a Nurse Practitioner or professional nurses during working hours. There is also a physician on call and at the facility. Most services are free for students.
There is also a Counseling Center for students. Common issues they help with include homesickness, depression, and managing stress. Their services are completely confidential.
Do you want to get in shape? Sign up for Wellness Center classes in yoga, zumba, water aerobics, or another fun activity. Call ahead to reserve your spot!

Sports and Recreation

Murray State University has several Division I competing sports teams. The strong athletics at Murray State provide an opportunity for great athletes to come to Murray State to learn and play on top teams. Scholarships are also available for some of our athletes.
At Murray State, Racer Basketball is taken very seriously. Watch our OVC champion team at any of the home games, free for Murray State students. Become part of The Stampede, a student basketball fan club, and get prime seating. Fans also get together to tailgate before Racer Football games.
If you want to try your hand at some competitive sports, check out the intramural team sports in basketball, soccer, flag football, and many others. You can play with your residential college, for a greek organization, or even form your own team to dominate the field or court.
Murray State has several facilities for working on personal fitness.
Bauernfeind Recreation and Wellness Center
Not only does the Wellness center have state of the art equipment, basketball courts, locker rooms, and an Olympic sized swimming pool, but they also offer free classes such as cycling, zumba, line dancing, tai chi, and kickboxing. You can check out further recreational equipment from the wellness center as well.
The Carr Health building has several basketball courts, an indoor pool, racquetball courts, dance studios, and more. Groups can rent out the Carr Health building facilities free of charge.
Purcell Courts
If Tennis is your sport of choice, head to the Purcell Courts for a match. The Purcell courts are located across the soccer field from the Curris Center, in front of Regents and White Residential Colleges. In front of New Richmond and New Clark is another set of tennis courts as well as a recreational soccer field.


It is easy to walk around the campus to residential dorms, and to many stores and restaurants.
Many students use bicycles to get around campus and to some of the shopping districts near campus.
The nearest train station is the Amtrak Train Station in Fulton, KY. This will take you around the USA.
If you are planning to stay in Murray, this is affordable, but it can be expensive to take taxis for long rides.
Taxi Services:
  1. Mama Nancy Taxi Services: (270) 227-4888
  2. Bri'Z Taxi Cab'Z: (270) 753-2749
  3. Murray Calloway Transit Authority: (270) 753-9725
Students who wish to leave Murray to explore the USA on a bus can take a Greyhound bus from the Paducah Station or the Mayfield Station.
Local Bus Transportation
Murray offers Racer Routes as a free service which takes students to the main parts of the town of Murray. Students can also use the Murray-Calloway Transit System.
Nashville International Airport: 2 hour drive from Murray State
Flights go around the USA and world.
Barkley Regional Airport: 45 minute drive from Murray State
Flights go to Chicago.